Robert L. Carroll JR

Robert L. Carroll JR

Licensed Therapist

Things you as a provider finds to be important Counseling is not a one size fits all, I have training and draw on Psychoanalysis, CBT, Hypnosis, NLP Mindfulness, 12 Recovery, Couples Communication, Effective Parenting, Mindfulness.

"The power of counseling is listening with non Judgement, understanding and curiosity so that clients can listen with more depth and care for themselves. Contemplation is a long Loving Look and what is Real."

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Behind the Scrubs

  • I enjoy hearing peoples stories which I call "Living Documents about Life"
  • I enjoy exploring new places and things with my family
  • I enjoy mindfully seeing the unique and sacred in life
  • I enjoy the work that I do as a therapist it is both a vocation and vocation for me

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