Leslie Cole

Leslie Cole

Licensed Therapist

Dr. Cole is the director of Ascend Medical's Mental Health service. He received his Doctorate's from Columbia Theological Seminary and Emory University, his masters from Phillips University, and his undergraduate education at Texas Tech University. Dr. Cole believes that the most important part of being a healthcare provider is the relationship with the patient.

"This career chose me, and I have grown to believe it was the best use of my gifts, knowledge, and abilities. Each day as a therapist has been a good trade of a day of this gift called life. I do therapy because I learn so much from the collaboration about what it is to be human. Therapy is a process in which two individuals choose to walk hand-in-hand down this path of learning, with one occasionally out ahead of the other. It is a sanctuary in which we learn how to lead by learning. So rich! I would hope each person would receive the richness I have received from this practice. I hope that they would awaken each day excited to see, feel, hear, and sense the awe of this art and use that wealth to drive their study, striving, and searching to improve the lives we live."

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Behind the Scrubs

  • Enjoys spending time outdoors
  • Loves Spending Time with Wife
  • Lifelong Learner
  • Spends time in the Garden
  • Likes Working Out

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