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Two Different Types of Headaches

While there are many metaphorical "headaches" you may deal with in your daily life, an actual pain in your noggin can be miserable and concerning. Whether it comes on suddenly or gradually, headaches can impact your ability to handle responsibilities. Along with socializing with your friends and family. While headaches may not always be a serious issue, it's important to know the potential causes of headaches.

Primary vs. Secondary Headaches

Headaches are commonly split up into two categories: primary and secondary headaches.

Primary headaches are those that signify overactivity or some issue in a sensitive area in your head.

Secondary headaches are causes stemming from a particular condition and are not necessarily indicative of a problem within the head.

The symptoms across both categories ultimately depend on the cause itself as does the duration and severity of the pain.

Treatment Outlook For Headaches

Primary headaches can stem from issues with the nerves in your skull, the brain's chemical activity or muscles throughout the head and neck. Tension headaches are very common and can typically be treated with relaxation techniques. Meditation or generally healthy lifestyle choices like exercising regularly. Migraines, which more often occur in women, are also primary headaches and sometimes require pain medication.

Secondary headaches are causes that range from a brain aneurysm to a brain freeze. For women, menstruation, birth control and pregnancy all affect hormone levels, which can lead to headaches. If you have a consistent or intense headache, a doctor will likely order tests such as a CT scan in an effort to rule out secondary headaches. Once ruled out, diagnosis and treatment of whichever primary headache you may be suffering from can begin.

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