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Seasonal Allergy Tips for Kids

Seasonal Allergies Tips For Kids

Spring fever can hit hard, especially among children. Better weather means more time playing outside with friends, competing in sports and soaking up the warming sun. However, for kids who struggle with seasonal allergies, spring may be a little miserable if they're sniffling and sneezing rather than enjoying the warm weather. Below are some tips on how to help your child with seasonal allergies.

Outdoor Activities

Your little one is not going to want to stay inside once the weather turns, but being outdoors all but guarantees their allergies will act up. Consider fitting them with eyewear like sunglasses to keep irritants from bothering their eyes. Once outdoor time is over, get their clothes in the washing machine as soon as you can to clean out any troublesome particles.

Scratch Tests

If your child's seasonal allergies are severe, it's worth consulting an allergy specialist who can perform scratch tests to identify which particular allergen they're allergic to. Although the tests will be uncomfortable for your child since they involve scratching their skin, learning more about the specific allergens that irritate them can better prepare you for allergy season.

Forecasting Allergens

Knowing what specific allergies your child has may also give you the opportunity to track how high allergen levels are on a weather site or app. There are forecasts for different allergens, like dust, dander and the various types of pollen. This can give you an idea of how much precaution you need to take for your child each day.

Steps to Take at Home

Home is where the heart is, but it can also be where allergens live. If your child has trouble sleeping or wakes up irritated by allergies, consider fitting them with hypoallergenic bedding. You should also make sure your furniture and carpeting are clean by vacuuming them regularly.

Regular Checkups

Make sure your child is receiving regular checkups to monitor their health with Ascend Medical's Pediatric Primary Care.

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